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Friday, December 14, 2012

30 Students from Oskayak School in Saskatoon need your prayers...

Andre Couillonneur has left a new comment on your post "Contact Us":

Tomorrow 30 kids from my high school, Oskayak in Saskatoon will be going on a 24 hour fast to honor Chief Theresa Spence. Our prayers will be with her, we will have an elder present conducting a pipe ceremony. She is not alone, our high school is willing to do ANYTHING for the Idle No More campaign to end this battle with the Canadian Government once and for all.

Posted by Andre Couillonneur to #IdleNOMore at December 13, 2012 9:50 PM


  1. Great way to show your support. Everyone should do more....
    Tomorrow the Trans Canada Highway near Winnipeg will be shut down to bring awareness to the attacks on First Nations people and the environment through legislative action by the Harper government. Please repost and keep our native brothers & sisters-in-action in your prayers tomorrow. ***REPOST*** #idlenomore

  2. Stay Strong youth! Your the change the world needs! Your our super heros....your windex helping people see! I love you guys......YOU ROCK!!!!

  3. Prayers from radical Christian student allies Montreal! May God defend this just cause and uphold these brave students & Chief Theresa Spence! Peace!

  4. I wish they would just support by prayers, it is so BAD for the body to do so.


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