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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Toronto Flash Mob Round Dance

A Few Different Viewpoints of the Toronto, ON, Canada
Idle No More Flash Mob Round Dance

December 21, 2012

Please PRAY FOR CHIEF THERESA SPENCE, she needs all the prayers more than ever.

by Aaron Peters
YOU Need to speak for Chief Theresa Spence! She has gone without food, she is too weak to speak for herself, so YOU must do it. Speak...Loudly...Now is not the time to be polite...Speak...Loudly...use your voice that the world can hear you...go to the places where we are not allowed to go...Speak for her.....Amazing. They shut down the intersection! Chief Theresa Spence is on a hunger strike, she will not end it until she is dead, or until she can meet face to face with Stephen Harper to discuss the pain her people are feeling...

by WorldTruthNow

by revolvingsights


  1. Be proud and be strong. A proud nation is a strong nation

  2. Tears of love... wow.

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Biding my time is what I've been doing my whole life on this planet and now IDLE NO MORE wakes my soul. I'm here in my small town B.C. with my wife and kids and you've helped us to bide our time no longer!

  4. Lets keep sharing all the IdleNoMore footage on all Our social networking sites , my heart n prayers are with Chief Spence

  5. We have been awakened to be idle no more. Peace. Growth. Love.

  6. The women in my family say many hands make lite work. Please speak up.

  7. Do it again on Boxing Day and the media will be out in full force! Organize now!

  8. Although I am a white woman, I stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples the world over. I applaud Chief Spence for her courage and compassion for her people and for our mother, the Earth. Stephen Harper represents all that is evil about colonization. I beg everyone, aboriginal and non-aboriginal to stand up and speak for Chief Spence.

  9. be strong, be united,, stand up first nations, the time is coming for the mother earth

  10. Anonymous: I am Alaska Native, from Hoonah, Alaska. I am so proud of Chief Theresa Spence, and your wisdom for all Native People, Land and Earth. We are keeping you in prayer.
    Yes, Stephen Harper is EVIL about colonization. We need his E-Mail address to speak to him. No need to reply to this E-Mail.


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