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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Form Letter Sent to Members of Parliament

Dear Sir/Madame:
RE: Bill C-45
This message is to strongly express that I do not support Bill C-45.
This Conservative government is blatantly violating the rights of all Canadians and its Indigenous people to transparency on critical issues facing all people. Currently, there are numerous MP’s being investigated for the undemocratic and criminal practice of using robocalls to redirect voters, which calls into question the legitimacy of this government. I contend that these MP’s do not legally or constitutionally represent their constituents, and demand that the government cease passing any forms of legislation until the outcome of these investigations are determined.
Furthermore, Bill C-45 specifically affects Indigenous sovereignty and inherent rights to the land, and therefore must receive due consideration, consultation and consent from the First Nations leaders and communities in which it directly impacts. The Treaties that were signed between the Crown and Indigenous peoples are nation to nation covenants that cannot be arbitrarily changed through unilateral legislation. Bill C-45 alters sections of the Indian Act and disregards the Treaties without consultation and consent.
Upon review of Bill C-45, it is clear that this legislation benefits corporations involved in oil pipelines and nuclear energy, without due attention and consideration given to the impact that it will have on the land and environment. This government has proposed reconciliation with First Nations peoples, yet continues to enforce numerous policies such as Bill C-45 using paternalistic and neocolonial processes.
I demand that Bill C-45 be stopped until a democratic process of consultation and consent is duly followed by the various groups that it does impact.


  1. Great letter, I agree! I've shed many tears as I've studied the History of First Nations and the numerous Injustices incurred upon each individual....our problems are a a direct result of their paternalistic decisions to decide what is right for a peaceful Nation, they used Force! They knew in their hearts they were doing wrong, hence, the TREATIES! Today, they remain in control of all that is technological and nothing that is Natural and Right for our them it is about money and the Government is in control of OUR dollars.....there will be a day when they will need our help, AGAIN! Being the people that we are, we will pity them, help them, and believe in all that is good.....maybe next time they will learn how to be "Civilized"!

  2. Great letter! Can you set this up as an online pettition that would be sent to all MPs if a person were to add his/her name to it?


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