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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Form Letter to Senators

Dear Senator,
We are part of a grass roots movement happening across Canada titled Idle No More. We have held teach-ins, rallies and protests in numerous provinces, and we have petitioned the House of Commons regarding the Omnibus Bills, and specifically Bill C-45. We are aware that the lack of consultation regarding the changes to the Indian Act, as well as the changes to land and water protections on First nations lands are unconstitutional. Section 35 of The Constitution Act, 1982 clearly states that government of Canada have a duty to consult with First Nations people in Canada. This consultation process has not occurred and as a result The Chiefs from The Assembly of First Nations marched on Parliament at 1:00pm on December 4th, 2012. As well, this lack of consultation defies the First Nations rights entrenched in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights on Indigenous Peoples, which the Canadian government signed and endorsed on November 12, 2010.
We urge the Senate to stop the recent Omnibus Bill that was passed through the House of Commons until there is legitimate consultation with First Nations leaders and communities. This movement will continue to grow as we educate the public regarding the imminent and grievous threats to democracy, The Treaties, Indigenous rights, and environmental protections emanating from the process of passing these Omnibus Bills.


  1. Parliment has to stop this unjustice against all Canadians especially our First Nations leaders and communities.

  2. Far too many Canadians especially those who voted for this so called party that is doing more than any other to sellout our Canadian right to self determination. As the Peoples Project has shown Canada is up for sale to the lowest foreign corporate bidder. We will have no rights to use our tax dollars to encourage Canadian business growth or set in place laws to protect our environment. In fact we will be legally stripped and subject to the dictates of corporate investors who are focused exclusively on cheaply draining Canada of resources to feed the growing appetite of global corporations. I am ashamed that so many Canadians rarely bother to find out what is really going on in their own country.

  3. Its becoming more and more obvious that the Harper government is not a government of the people but rather of the corporations. That being said, it has shown itself to be the enemy of the poor..particularly of the First Nations. We cannot continue like this.
    Canadians must wake up to that fact that our First Nation people have suffered far too many injustices and continue to do so. We must wake up to the fact that this government only represents the one percent and its allies..the multinational corporations. How and why have we allowed a government that is raping our come into power in the first place?
    Idle No More gives hope not only to the First Nations people but to the many working Canadians who are fed up with Harper and his fellow buffoons. Idle No More is teaching us we don't need to be sheep ruled by wolves any longer..


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