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Sunday, December 23, 2012

International Support Continues...

International Support Continues...

...and this is another reason Canadians and the whole world needs to non recognize Bill C-45...what happens in Canada affects the WHOLE's just that our Treaties are what's going to help save us & this Planet (Mother Earth)...

one (1) of the effects of Bill C-45

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  1. December 24th 2012, somewhere on Mother Earth..

    I already said that I won’t be able to remain idling when I can be helpful somewhere in the World….

    Today, 4 women in Canada stood up to protect Mother Earth and they created IDLE NO MORE :
    They were joined by Chief Theresa Spence, from the Attawapiskat Nation, who began a fasting.

    Men and women but also young people from all over the world join the movement, mainly since December 21st 2012.

    And not only Indigenous people from North America !!! but people from all nations and lands and tribes and languages !!

    We can observe here a new international social and political phonemenon which is of huge importance for the future of our Planet !!
    Yesterday I said “I enter in resistance”, today I stand up and join my sisters in their fight.
    For Mother Earth
    For the Water
    For the rights of the First Nations.
    For our children.

    Today I decided to offer what I received as a gift, to support them.
    Because the First Nations helped me to reconnect to whom I am and from where I come. And not only to me !!!!

    It’s time to return the favor…
    And to remember that we also are Indigenous of our Country. An indigenous Nation.

    We have traditions, sacred lands, rituals, and they have been taken away from us…and they will still be taken away if we don’t unify !

    So it’s necessary that women are the ones who stand up and I will stand up with them.
    And I also call all the “daughters of the moon and of the water” to join me.
    And all the guardians of de Earth too.
    Together we will participate with this movement by dancing de “Sacred Dance of the 7 Directions” on the beaches, near the rivers or the lakes.

    If this message appeals you, if you want to join us in this action of support to our brothers and sisters in their fight, contact me urgently !

    What can you do ?

    - Offer your help to Eva Morales for translation, in different languages
    - Learn soon the Sacred Dance, to be abble to communicate it to others in flashmobs per example
    - Organise a dance somewhere along the water (sea, lake, river ...) and gather a few people
    - Make a movie, or take pictures

    The project is called “Be the dance… you want to see in the world”…based on the words of Ghandi, put together in my way..

    We will be the dance we want to see in the World, a respectful dance of the Sacred, a dance who touches Mother Earth with respect, who honors its 7 directions and their spirits, a dance towards the other, with the other, without any difference. A dance of all the colors !

    Yes, let’s enter into a new Era with the 21st of December 2012 !!!

    It is very urgent and we need to send very rapidly to our brothers and sisters there, not only a message but visual proofs of our support !!! I am in contact with several persons, indigenous Grandfathers and Grandmothers, I wait for your enthusiasm, your love, your help….and to tell them that we are here, and that we are standing !

    I can’t do it alone !

    It’s time to know what we want for tomorrow.
    Tomorrow begins today.

    I love us.
    Love and thanks

    What are we going to do ?
    We will dance !
    Along rivers and lakes and seas ..

    “Water Shaman”, Grandmother member of the Wisdom Circle of the Unions of Ancestral Traditions, and of the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites.

    We create this page to support de project “Idle No More”


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