Idle No More: Maori Women in Solidarity

The ‘Idle No More’ movement began to move across Great Turtle Island on December 21, 2012 and with it the significance of this time of transition was shared with the world.
As Indigenous women, as Māori women, across Te Moana nui a Kiwa, the Great sea of Kiwa, we send our thoughts and blessings to our tuakana (elder line) who are taking the lead to send messages to the world that things must change. Your leadership with its commitment and dedication to our responsibilities as Indigenous Peoples to Papatūānuku, to this great Grandmother Earth, is a powerful expression of the cultural and spiritual pathways that we must all commit and dedicate ourselves to for the future wellbeing of all living things that share this earth.
We stand in solidarity with our relations who are taking to the streets, who are walking the earth, who are sharing the sounds of drums and song, who are sending blessings and prayer to Creator to bring us in to a period of revitalization for all Indigenous Peoples....READ MORE