After more than six hours in the House of Commons, MPs finished voting on 47 amendments to the contentious omnibus budget bill late Tuesday night. 
The majority Conservative government didn’t allow any of the amendments to pass.
Opposition parties and citizen groups fought the massive bill, saying it was an affront to democracy because it aimed to change key pieces of legislation without public input.
But the Conservatives said the bill will spur economic growth in Canada and criticized those who attacked it.
Bill C-45 was more than 400 pages long and, like its predecessors, made changes to a myriad of rules and regulations.
The most contentious amendments were those to the Navigable Waters Protection Act, which removed thousands of lakes and streams from federal protection under that law.
The Conservatives said the changes streamline regulation and remove red tape that held up projects along waterways, however, opposition parties argue that it removes environmental oversight of some of Canada's most valued lakes and rivers.
First Nations groups are also opposed to the waters protection act, among other legislative amendments...CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO & READ FULL COVERAGE