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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

National & International CALL OUT...

National & International **CALL OUT**... as #idlenomore across Turtle Island strengthens to seal the ties that Nora Loreto assists in extending our invitations of ALL.

..."Canadians: we have a responsibility to honour the Treaties, understand the Treaties and demand (vocally, physically, however we can) that our government honour the Treaties too."...

Change the conversation, support today.

Today, thousands of Indigenous activists and their allies willmarch, demonstrate, blog, tweet or starve to get their message to Stephen Harper: enough is enough.

Normally, enough being enough isn’t enough and it hasn’t been for centuries.

Enough is the point at which people united, absolutely refuse to be subjugated. They refuse to be dominated, colonized and re-colonized. Enough looks different than a protest.
In Canada, I don’t think any social movement has reached the breaking point where “enough” truly has been enough...READ MORE HERE AT

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  1. Much love and support to you all!

    *Note: is spelled as twice in this article.


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