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Friday, December 21, 2012

"Official" Twitter and FB accounts

@IdleNoMore4 and Idle No More - Official are the only 'central' official accounts. Regional branches also have their own.  Thank you.


  1. What time do we meet in Cranbrook?

  2. The Time To Act Is Now!
    The Time To Speak out ia now!
    Harper The Dictator Has Got To Go!

    We have clean technology like LENR, The Cyclone Engine, The MYT Engine, The Geet fuel processor. Bloom Energy Servers, The 1000 mile battery invented by mr. Johnson

    Lets Invest in Green Technology and a green future for our kids.

    Never Give Up

    Neil Lizotte

  3. We must remember to keep our dignity and respect for all people. We must make our concerns known in a non-violent way. Our people need to be heard finally! My prayers go out to everyone including Chief Theresa Spence for Harper to meet with her shortly. Miigwetch.


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