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Mission and Plan of Action


Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water. Colonization continues through attacks to Indigenous rights and damage to the land and water. We must repair these violations, live the spirit and intent of the treaty relationship, work towards justice in action, and protect Mother Earth.

On December 10th, Indigenous people and allies stood in solidarity across Canada to assert Indigenous sovereignty and begin the work towards sustainable, renewable development. All people will be affected by the continued damage to the land and water and we welcome Indigenous and non-Indigenous allies to join in creating healthy sustainable communities. We encourage youth to become engaged in this movement as you are the leaders of our future. There have always been individuals and groups who have been working towards these goals – Idle No More seeks to create solidarity and further support these goals. We recognize that there may be backlash, and encourage people to stay strong and united in spirit.

Plan of Action:

Support and encourage grassroots to create their own forums to learn more about Indigenous rights and our responsibilities to our Nationhood via teach-ins, rallies and social media.
Build relationships and create understanding with allies across Canada.
Take steps to contribute to building relationships with international agencies such as the UN to raise awareness to the conditions Indigenous people have been subjected to and assert our sovereignty in the international arena.
Acknowledge and honor the hard work of all grassroots people who have worked, and continue to work towards these goals – you are our inspiration.


  1. Dear reader/first nations of this land. We can only wonder how this collection of political bedfellows. One's that have been unabel to get beyond bickering for centuries. Were able to sit down together in the same room and come to this consensus. A consensus that has become a major issue .That will affect the future relationship between .The American First Nation's of this land. And the powers that controle this Naiton. This amoung other issues have become impossable to ignior. Issues such as proper houseing on Rezervations.And Roadways to conect northern people with the wheels of industry. Insted First Nation's people besieged with problem's. Ranging from food and water shortages.To Rampat Aid's and Drug Epidemics .These are the issues that have plauged .The First Nation's leaders for centuries. These acient aggremnts recantation has been inevitable. And indeed the sign's have been there for years. For centuries we have been humble and patient in empty promises. While the powers that be ower government pass law's in siglence . Law's that violate Human Rights corrupt ower lands and mind's. And seek to poision ower food's and waters .Laws that are systematicly designed to opress, Deny, and contole this Nation. This government wich under the Stephen Harper Adminstration. Has become the focus of a growing discontent throught this Nation. A acient call has been made in a language forcefully given. A call that has never been made so clear. In the history of these Nation's. A call that we all must anwser with wisdome and clarity of the mind. Aware of reality . The reality that we must utilize the opperations of this society. As we continue to grow as productive members of this society. Utilizing these acient treaty's as we move ower Nation's forward in the ever changing Natural World . My name is Bobby dean Netowaysin and this is my VOICE

  2. Tansi peoples,

    Expressing myself in my colonizers language.

    This is Tami Starlight.
    Peguis Nation
    Currently residing on unceded and occupied Coast Salish Territory.

    I appreciate the work being done on this page and Idle No More. However, somethings I feel compelled to express here.

    1. Indigenous actions have been taking place since first contact.

    2. We need to build our own capacity as nations and confront the colonial systems we are all mired in.

    3. Rallies are just that - rallies. The same with petitions. Most have no bearing on anything and are not legally binding. These relate to #2 - above. Promoting the false sense of accomplishment is problematic at best. We have many tools right now - conference calls / skype groupings and many other tech tools. We should be calling a national meeting. At least provincially with every nation respectively.

    In conclusion.
    I maybe willing to offer my meaningful participation. This will only happen if I see certain issues on the table. For sure we can draw from my 3 points. My greatest concern is the lack of meaningful work with the most marginalized and how oppressions intersect throughout our colonized nations!! I am a multi-spirited Cree person. I have faced tons of oppression from this colony - including my own indigenous peoples. I feel it does a massive disservice to our communities when we do not explain this well, if at all.

    Anti oppressive

    We can and must DO BETTER.
    All our relations
    Tami Starlight
    tamistarlight at gmail dot com
    check out my facebook tour page: decolonize and anti oppression workshop tour

    1. I want to be of assistance in any way as an non-indigenous ally. I live on Inner Island on occupied Coast Salish lands. Thanks for your clear and brilliant thoughts. Esther Muirhead,,

    2. Tami: I am Indigenous (Creek) living overseas in Oslo Norway. I have been looking into the UN Charter of Indigenous Rights. I am in the process of looking into seeing if this document can be utilized for the purpose of Idle Nor More....Combined with the UN Deceleration of Human Rights I believe that concrete action CAN be taken! This has never to my knowledge been done before! At least not that I am aware of... it will take more than one person to act on this. I thought I had a couple of folks to assist in this, but both back out!! for now I stand alone on this idea, but I am going forward none the less. I have faith that others will consider this as an avenue both to put political pressure on the Harper administration and possibly and if necessary (again...don't know!) criminal charges through the appropriate international legal venue!) The UN Charter of Indigenous Rights was put in place for a reason. Canada has been a signatory since 2010!! A working group on this issue is needed! WILL YOU HELP?! WILL ANY ONE HELP ON THIS ENDEAVOR!
      my name is Liam Athias Babington my email is I stand ready! It is not about ego, or fame or is about the generations beyond us...and all the tomarrow
      s that must be!!

  3. This is a very interesting idea and I hope that it does ignite change into our National dialogue but sadly I do not think that it will change much in the short term. The mission statement does display the wrong doings by colonizers (whites) but the goals are presented in a rather ambiguous manner. First, aboriginal sovereignty in itself will not bring about environmental protection of any kind. The term sovereignty is really interesting but what kind of sovereignty are you speaking about, if you are trying to establish de facto sovereignty where the tribe fully governs itself (controlling the land, access to the land, resources, economy and security) then I am sorry to say that the Canadian government would fight this claim to statehood and ultimately win. The conservative government is very pro business and the statecraft that they practice actually represent the mood of the majority of Canadians (mostly the baby boomer generation and the elderly) who value a vibrant economy more than environmental protection because it is the economy that provides the benefits that keep their lives comfortable and incomes lucrative. Secondly, justice is only handed out sometimes, and only to those with a powerful voice that is eloquent (ie. Malcom X) but more importantly explicit. You can only set goals that the Canadian people will understand, and it's sad to say the average Canadian does not understand the plight of aboriginal peoples, they are not informed about the situation. But most importantly the average Canadian entertains a great deal of misconceptions and bigotry towards Native people, racism towards Natives is probably thee most tolerated form of discrimination in our society but its hard because whites up here only have to look at their American cousin's shortcomings with discrimination to give themselves a pat on the back for being "enlightened." I am glad you mentioned the youth because Natives are the fastest growing youth population in our nation and I hope they will generate a potent voice based on consensus and could establish the change I believe you are trying to achieve.

  4. I have posted in your support, and tried to join your facebook group, to no avail. I was in full support, but this movement is clearly racist and I cannot support that. Bigotry will get you nowhere, therefore I am now against your movement, so if you ever feel like apologizing I will reconsider Have fun making enemies!

    1. Thank you Mike Lyon for leaving a message. Actually, it has never been our intension to ignore, we are so swamped with comments, requests etc... that we are doing our best to keep up, so much that, when I am not at school teaching, I am on the computer trying to continue my volunteering efforts to keep up with Idle No More Movement and create awareness for the realities and truths of the Canadian Bills in Parliament and Canada's continued treatment of Aboriginal People across Turtle Island. In addition, the other person, who assists me on this website, is a mother with small children and a very devoted mother who is trying her best to give attention to her children and us all at the same time. Therefore, I appreciate your comment and your support, hopefully, I will not apologize because I feel I am doing my best! Again, I hope you do support us but if you do truly support us, you are well aware we are not about making enemies, we are about being IdleNoMore...& empowerment for all & one of many voices for Mother Earth.

    2. Re your Plans of action, I would only encourage you to consider building alliances with grass roots Indigenous Peoples movements globally. e.g. the Maya Peoples of Guatemala are well aware of their international legal rights and processes which are being trashed by their government, military and the mostly Canadian corporations in these mountains to suck the lifeforce for the profits to be made. They recognize the need to build international strategic alliances to force the issue of the Indigenous Peoples rights!

    3. Hi Shannon,
      My name is Quentin Rogers. I'm a web developer in Vancouver, of English/Italian descent. First off... thank you so much for your hard work and everything that you've done... It's inspiring to say the least. I usually dread going to malls, especially during the xmas season, but the IdleNoMore flash mobs have made all that much more enjoyable! The one today in Park Royal Mall in N.Vancouver today was wonderful! I've been the partner of a strong Tsimshian woman of Gitxaala descent for 10 years and have seen many rallies and marches over the years, and these are the first in a long time that have left me with feelings of hope. I've got over 10 years of web development experience, and I would love to be able to help you with anything that you need a hand with... I can be reached at smallcircles(at)

    4. Thank you Shannon for all you, the Idle No More founders, and the other people who are helping have done and continue to do. I appreciate that it is a massive undertaking, and I hope that we can all move forward together.....

  5. Thank you for creating this movement... I am in full support, regardless if you are able to reply... I have been keeping Chief Therese Spence in prayer and am thankful for the sacrifice she is choosing to uphold for her people. I am thankful to be connected in spirit to all who have stepped out of thier comfort zone to take a well needed stand for indigenous rights. As a Northern Cheyenne from Lame Deer Montana I am here to be of service.... with your permission I am willing to create a branch for the cause and loving support of Chief Therese Spense. My email is - Facebook: TL Fantabulous Small
    I have joined the facebook group.
    Thank you for your service also.


  6. I am a settler who lives, and was born in rural Manitoba 76 years ago. I've seen the continuing racism which infects the non-native community as it has for many decades. I support your struggles and would like to assist however I can. I realise that you have limited resources to even reach out to such as me, but I would urge you to set up some sort of vehicle to do so, as organizing will decide whether "WE" can join together and win. You can possibly amass mailing lists just from the email such as this which most savvy Inet people can do. And the more committed people you can gather support from the more you will be able to grow larger. Getting financial contributions is of course necessary but many of us have little funds to spare, on for example my meager pension, but I do have a computer and time available to help build the movement. We CAN WIN if we mobilize the many who are outside the box.

  7. I am willing to help any way I can I live in Winnipegosis MB

  8. Once there is sovereignty, then what? I ask this in all earnestness, because unless the People are prepared to step up and take full responsibility when they have full power, the progress gained can be lost, if the Powers see that the People are unable to continue in a good way.

    What is the Plan beyond the points above? We need one. Very much. Maybe different for each region, but we need Plans, no less.

  9. This is Jud Sojourn ally living at Chimnissing, Beausoleil First Nation Ontario from Madison, Wisconsin. Wishing strength, unity, strong voice to those ones that are getting together.


  10. As a non-native Canadian, I stand in solidarity with all first nations. Please continue to reach out to your allies across this land. We are all the victims of a federal government which aims to divide and conquer, pitting East against West, North against South, English against French and of course Native against Non-Native.

    We need to change not just the governance structure but the very culture which poisons our communities.

  11. The protecting the earth I get. But the indigenous I don't. What are you getting at with that? That Natives who were in a country first should kick people out? Humans have been migrating all around the globe for 22 thousand years, so none of us are indigenous to any land but Africa. Are you buying us all condos in Africa? :)

    Sorry if I'm totally misinterpreting that, if I'm wrong, correct me.

    1. @hurricaneamber-click on the "History of IdleNoMore". That should provide answers for you.

    2. Yes. You are misinterpreting. The "we are all human" excuse for not understanding indigenous rights can only be assumed by disregarding the context of colonization and the cultural and socio-economic effects of such invasions.

      This is coming from a non-Native American. So while I am a minority in both countries of my citizenship, I have no right to speak over Indigenous voices. But your interpretation that the issue is migration hurtfully ignores the atrocities committed against Native peoples all over the world in the name of the crown. It ignores genocide and massacres. It ignores the sexual assault on Indigenous women that is allowed by societies that objectify, hypersexualize, and fetishize women of color. It ignores that Canada's federal government could have allowed justice to be done for Indigenous Women by allowing Tribal governments to try suspects of the abductions, rapes, and murders of these women. It ignores that the Crown has a duty to keep its treaties with Indigenous people and has constantly failed to live up to that duty. It ignores that the Canadian government treats Indigenous Nations as figure heads rather than sovereign entities.

      You can keep making jokes about condos in Africa (the appropriation of the identity and experiences of African peoples is also another issue caused by the "migration" excuse) or stand in solidarity with indigenous peoples all over the world.

      I am a descendant of peoples forced from their homeland, of peoples whose kingdoms and tribes are lost to history books. So I apologize if I am interpreting the issues at hand through my eyes. If I am misinterpreting, correct me as well.

  12. I have read the mission statement of Idle No More as well as all the responses. Having hugh empathy with First Nations People, I want to understand, I truely want to understand. I have lived with first nations people and worked in several communities, I have seen the best and the worst. But I have to ask, what do you want?

    Do you want all of the land and resources for yoursleves? Is this all about money? Do you want to turn back the clock to a time before Europian contact?

    Your web site talks of revolution and de-colonization. Is that really what you want? Are you looking to overthrough the government and become the next Egypt?

    My parents came here as poor imigrants, very poor imigrants. They came because they saw Canada as a place of opportunity and hope. Why is that our First Nations see only dispare without hope?

    Tell me what it is that you want, what you hope for, and I will listen.

    1. I am an Ojibwe from Wikwemikong, and I am also an Energy Systems Engineering student. I have lived on and off reserve numerous times in my life. I would like to thank you for your interest, as well as offer you my personal beliefs as possible insight. To have all of the land and resources to ourselves and turn back the clock to a time before European contact is not realistic - it is way too late for that. At heart, we are natural environmentalists. We care for the land and water immensely and it has been our responsibility to speak for the land because it cannot speak for itself. That is one of the teachings that we have - and attempt - to pass on, generation to generation. In order to do so, our treaty rights and ability to care for the land and water must remain intact. Also, our right to education needs to remain intact. We experience many financial hardships pertaining to the obtainment of "textbook knowledge" (for one, difficulties obtaining loans because on-reserve houses are on crown land). We need to be able to gain more of such knowledge, pass it on - all while trying to re-integrate the traditional aspects. The legally binding treaties are an agreement with the Crown and First Nations peoples - we need to ensure that these are not abolished. Nation-to-nation talks must truly take place and remain in place seeing as there are still several reserves that are unceded (i.e. did not sign any treaties, as is the reserve that I am a member of). We have been trampled on and disrespected for too many years, marginalization is why many are in despair. This is a very crucial time. It is also believed that propaganda has been firmly set in place for us to be pitted against non-indigenous Canadians, that we are against everyone but our own. We are not, we care for everyone equally - even every living creature. Confirming that belief is the media blackout that have experienced, as well as the biased information about the movement almost every instance when it is widely available. We would like to see a new era take place, one of enlightenment and collective prosperity. There is an old prophecy that speaks of this occurring within seven generations after colonization. This is happening now because we have been "awakened", we will Idle No More.

      Miigwetch (Thank You).

      Side note: In addition, I am a very analytical and logic-based person - but I cannot deny my innate love for the land and water. I was raised as a Traditional dancer by my grandmother and I believe that I am here for a reason - to embellish my "textbook knowledge" with traditional knowledge. Hence, my strong beliefs that "knowledge is power" and our continued right to education. I believe that my future in the Energy Systems Engineering field will allow me to help reduce or eliminate our utmost reliance on non-renewable resources. It's not too late for that to happen.

    2. Do you not watch old western movies???? The old westerns tell a very good story of the mind set of the "white man" or as I like to call them non-native people. We have lost our language, our identity, and we got displaced from a free roaming people to being held on reservations, at gun point, on land that would not grow much. The way I see this in my opinion is that the federal government, in their wisdom, think that they are allowed to change the way things are. There are treaties signed by first nations clans, groups, or people that date hundreds of years. We were given certain rights freedoms and privileges. The government say the are tired of taking care of the first nations people of Canada, they do not make decisions that benefit the first nations, they make decisions that are best for the government. Living in less than standard living conditions, poor drinking water, under funded operating budgets. As a Fire Chief ( Volunteer) for my community in Kingsclear First Ntion in New Brunswick, the government thinks that the safety of my community can be done on a budget for $20,000 a year. out of that $20,000 I have to buy insurance for the fire truck, get liability insurance for my firefighter at a cost of $150 per member, Pay for the electricity, phone, emergency radio licenses, purchase more firefighting gear, registration for the truck $875/yr maintain the truck fix what breaks. And I have to ensure that my firefighters are at a standard of training to meet current NFPA codes, and health and safety regulations, and to keep up with our non native fire departments that get budgets of $125,000 to $650,000. Housing on reserve is sub standard, with a limited budget of $300- $1,000 per month to fix major problems like broken water pipes, deal with mold in homes, and whatever else goes wrong, Out dated infrastructure. We are not looking to overthrow the government, we just want the government to understand that the formulas and funding arrangments are old and out dated, with the rise in cost of everything, we just want equality, The government was sworn to protect the first nations people, not to destroy us.

  13. I read some of the comments , in regards to what our goals are, I'm from the Cree nation, this movement is about our traditional lands and the way the goverment has treatead us ,not as partners like our theatys were meant to be,but to them we have become burden. the land is what gives us life water to drink and to hunt, but with all the devolement going on,we will all have nothing in fifty years, I want my kids and ther future generations to have that opportunity to hunt & fish or even drink the water, I live up in fort mcmurray and some of the areas I use to hunt I can't anymore because of oilsands mines, people can't even drink the river water down stream in fort chip, enought is enought that's our goal,

  14. Hello everyone!

    I am the Community Manager at and want to extend the platform in any way possible to support the movement!

    Hit me up on Twitter @fundweaver as a spot to contribute to the ideas coming in!

    Hands up


  15. Dear Anonymous Dec 27. Thanks for comparing your very poor immigrant parent's experience in Canada to indigenous people's dispare. Imagine this: the Nazis won WWII, and for 100 YEARS would, every summer, enter our homes and kidnap our children to take them to penal colonies where they would be brainwashed into thinking they were inherently evil. These children would come home speaking German, and would refuse to associate with you the parent. You suspect your children have also been sexually abused. THey have. At least yours came know of many families whose children never came home. Imagine your heartbreak. Imagine how, within a generation (let alone 100 years worth of generations) how the ability to know how to parent and BE was replaced with a culture of shame and lateral violence. Yes, the last residential schools closed in the 70's, but did you know there are today more children in 'care' (non-native foster homes) than at any time in our history? Please don't preach to aboriginal people about your parent's fabulous experience of getting rich in a western capitalist system they were born feeling comfortable in. Aboriginal people's are using the tools of our system (legal, political, social, radical) to effect an spiritual awakening. Watch it unfold, and rejoice!
    Sarah Hutchinson
    Manitoulin Island, Ontario

    1. The Last residential school closed in 1996, Gordon Residential School.

      the Canadian Human Rights Act DID NOT apply to people on RESERVATIONS until April of 2011 - proof the Indian Act is a piece of Apartheid Legislation

  16. I am a survivor of Indian Residential school. I was born on Six Nations Reserve. I k ow what government and churces did to me a d my family.
    I am for future generations of First Nations and support the Idle No More movement.
    I do not support violence.
    It is time government listens.
    First Nations and all Canada's people need to be heard with respect by the government.
    Hannora, Mohawk Woman

  17. I am not native and I am in solidarity with this movement 1000%
    To see continued colonialism and racism and disregard of treaty rights makes me feel sick inside to my soul - not as 'white guilt' but as the rage of seeing clearly a terrible injustice. I this country to change from the ground up and reeducate itself. Know the history of colonialism that the country was founded on - don't back away from hard truths. Listen, and then rebuild a new way of being, not based on plunder, racism, and forgetting. I do not want to be part of a system that steals children, that boxes Native Nations into a corner, then blames, shames, and self-righteously continues to plunder. This is what I see, a terrible heartlessness and refusal to listen. I do not want to be part of that.

    I am very grateful to First Nations for once again providing so much leadership and vision for themselves and for all of us. We should be grateful to First Nations for teaching us so much about how to live with the earth, and we should live by those lessons NOW before it is too late. And we have to participate, and fight back hard against the racism-violence that is perpetrated against First Nations and make sure that the mistakes of the past are not continuously repeated, such as in the recent omnibus bills. No more colonialism! Stop plundering! Honor the treaties - and more - restore rightful lands, do reparations, reeducate ourselves so that the average Canadian knows our TRUE history - face it that painful and ignoble past, weep, mourn, yes, and then CHANGE! Colonialism in Canada has to stop now, and for all time. An apology without action is worth nothing, no more than the air it offends when it is swept away by the wind! First Nations treaty rights and human rights NOW, in full! There is no other answer, and I stand in full, passionate solidarity with First Nations, and I am cheering for your vision, beauty, and strength! You are an powerful inspiration to all Canadians who care to listen and learn. Count me one.
    Thank you First Nations for leading the way!

  18. I am a non-native Canadian with strong beliefs in First Nation values. Idle No More is a very inspiring appraoch to bring the issues to light. Most Canadians are badly informed of the atrocities that the Canadian government has brought upon the Native people and civilization. It makes me want to spit in the government's face when they go to other countries to tell them to change their human rights actions while they are worse offenders at home. I will join marches in Ottawa and around to support this cause.

  19. this quote from Isocrates is worth considering

    Democracy destroys itself because it abuses its right to freedom and equality. Because it teaches its citizens to consider audacity as a right, lawlessness as a freedom, abrasive speech as equality, and anarchy as progress.

  20. I've had a question for a while now, but not known who to ask it to. There are a lot of intelligent First Nations people and there are a lot of First Nations people in politics. So why have the First Nations never founded a federal political party?
    I know the First Nations are a seperate nation, but you are all also dual citizens and when fighting for your rights why would you not use every nonviolent option available to you? Quebec did it with the bloc and it worked well for them.

  21. First I would like to say I stand in deep respect for the Idle No More movement so long as it remains a "Revolution of The Heart", and nonviolent. I Am From the States and take no sides on the race issue at all. We are all in the same boat and we all face the same core issues who's roots span many generations with deep wounds non-native peoples can not reflect apon and understanding thankfuly this is much less true today then it one was. I side strongly with the simple Statement "Value Change For Survival" made By Oren Lyons and feel just as frustrated as anyone else over the deep core issues We all see running under the political machiene and there lack of accountabilty to the people. These deep core issues need to be addresed face to face so our people can come together and condole there tears.


Thank you for your comment and please help spread the word, the time is NOW!